1. Love Chased Me


© 2014 Words & Music by Tiffany Thomas
“Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life.” (Psalm 23:6a MSG)
(verse 1)
I thought I could take care of it all on my own
My Life was a mess, but I wanted control
I ran from the wisdom Your ways could teach
But You pursued me even when I thought
I was out of reach
Love chased me down when I didn’t wanna be found
No matter how far I ran, Your love chased me down
Your overwhelming, all-consuming, pain-erasing love never ran out - It chased me down
(verse 2)
Now I sing about Your love that found me unsown
Afraid to step out, afraid to let go
When I thought I didn’t need Your help at all
You were there to grab my hand
and pick me up from my fall
(2nd CHORUS)
Your grace-unending - Never -failing
Pain-erasing love …never runs out …
(key change into 1st CHORUS)