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  1. For The King


© 2013 Words & Music by Tiffany Thomas & Theresa Thomas
“…They lay down their crowns before the throne…”
(Rev 4:9-11 NIV)
(verse 1)
I’ll lay it down, I’ll give my all
I’ll sacrifice my everything to answer the call
My own desires all pushed aside
As I mirror Your ways ‘til You and I collide
‘Cause greater is He who sits on the Throne
To journey this life with, than travel alone
My walk has a greater meaning
To lay down my crown - For the King
(verse 2)
With every pounding of Your heart
Deafen every thought that would keep us apart
And move my spirit with rushing wind
Declaring the fire that You placed within
I’ll lay it down, I’ll lay it down
I’ll lay it down, I’ll lay it down,
All of me